What Happens When Your House Goes into Foreclosure?

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foreclosure process is pretty straightforward, and it helps if you know
what to expect when this happens. This is a VERY common question at our

Question: What happens when your home goes into foreclosure?

My Answer: 
If your house has been foreclosed upon then you no longer own the
house.  If that is the case, then the new owner, a bank or private
owner, will soon be in touch with you to discuss your vacating the
property.  If you do not voluntarily vacate then an action to evict you
from the house may be brought against you.  To get you to cooperate, the
bank may offer you money to voluntarily hand over the property in good
condition.  This is sometimes referred to as a” cash for keys”


the house has

Article source: http://research.lawyers.com/blogs/archives/27485-What-Happens-When-Your-House-Goes-into-Foreclosure.html

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